3D assets for game environment

While working on the game project there is a great opportunity to try yourself in different areas of a gamedev life cycle (level design). Here are some of assets created for filling a game level.

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WIP of a game model. Improving my skills in Substance Painter 2.0 from Allegorithmic. Great tool for making shaders of any kind.

Very good software for those working in a high-profile texturing for any kind of 3D mesh. Game development, architecture projects or VFX creating. The only thing can stop you using it is insufficiently powerful system (high level of video processor is a Must be).

Other screenshots made in Unity and 3Ds Max. ~3500 poly model (~6.4k tris) with a general PBR map package for unity integration (Albedo Transparency, Metallic Smoothness, Normal and Emissive maps).


WIPs of some 3D assets for a mobile game (under the NDA)

I have got an interesting opportunity to work with a great team making the side-scrolling video game (mobile application). According to the game concept art I have prepared low-poly 3D assets  for the game environments. I used the unwrapping tool (UV mapping) in order to get a proper base for further texturing. The textures were baked in 3D Studio Max and later processed in the raster graphics editor. During this project I have got a good chance to practice working with Unity game engine. I will be happy to show more interesting results after the project will be officially launched. The assets are low polygonal models of in-game buildings with different textures-maps used on them.

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Streetrace competition on www.3dm3.com

Gamedev project was held by the studio “Generationstars”. Car models meant to be used in game later. But unfortunately the studio has changed its concept in game-development and cancelled the game project.

Here is a couple of a customized Trabant 3D model shots I have made for them (low poly, mesh and textured) year 2005

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